Big Vests

Big Fish Clothing stocks a wide selection of large men’s vests and extra-long tank tops in a variety of styles and cuts, fitting big men who are seeking a stylish, yet casual, long length vest suitable for the summer months, an upcoming holiday, or to layer up when it gets cold.

Our vests for plus size men are from well known brands, such as D555, Espionage and Metaphor.

Whether you’re looking for printed vests or plain vests, we’ve got you covered with a selection designed specifically for bigger men.

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Single Pocket Sleeveless T-ShirtSingle Pocket Sleeveless T-Shirt
North 56°4Single Pocket Sleeveless T-Shirt
Sale price£15.00 Regular price£24.99
Jungle Print VestJungle Print Vest
ForgeJungle Print Vest
Sale price£13.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £12.99
North Denim Print Sleeveless T-ShirtNorth Denim Print Sleeveless T-Shirt
North 56°4North Denim Print Sleeveless T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£22.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £12.99
Logo Print Sleeveless T-ShirtLogo Print Sleeveless T-Shirt
North 56°4Logo Print Sleeveless T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£22.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £0.99
Plain Sleeveless T-ShirtPlain Sleeveless T-Shirt
North 56°4Plain Sleeveless T-Shirt
Sale price£17.00 Regular price£17.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £1.99
Palm Tree Print Vest
EspionagePalm Tree Print Vest
Sale price£16.00 Regular price£17.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £3.99
Performance Sports Vest
Raging BullPerformance Sports Vest
Sale price£15.00 Regular price£18.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £9.99
'Wallace' Malibu Print Sleeveless T-Shirt'Wallace' Malibu Print Sleeveless T-Shirt
D555'Wallace' Malibu Print Sleeveless T-Shirt
Sale price£7.00 Regular price£16.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £3.99
Plain Sports VestPlain Sports Vest
EspionagePlain Sports Vest
Sale price£6.00 Regular price£9.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £6.99
Sleeveless T-ShirtSleeveless T-Shirt
MetaphorSleeveless T-Shirt
Sale price£5.00 Regular price£11.99
Classic Summer Vest
MetaphorClassic Summer Vest
Sale price£7.99
Plain Vest
Big FootPlain Vest
Sale price£6.99