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ØRN International is a family run business dedicated to producing high quality, great value products for the workwear, corporate clothing & leisurewear markets. Offering a wide selection of work trousers, tees, Polo shirts, coats and fleeces.

ORN Clothing is a brand that believes in providing functional workwear for all individuals, including big and tall men. Their collection offers sizes up to 8XL, featuring a variety of durable and comfortable work garments. From high-visibility jackets to rugged trousers, ORN Clothing prioritizes safety and practicality. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, they ensure that big and tall individuals have access to reliable and well-fitted workwear that meets their specific needs. ORN Clothing is a trusted brand for big and tall individuals seeking durable and functional clothing for the workplace.

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Harrier Classic Style Workwear TrousersHarrier Classic Style Workwear Trousers
ORN ClothingHarrier Classic Style Workwear Trousers
Sale price£18.99 Regular price£26.99
Tall Fit
Tall Fit Merlin Tradesman Trousers-Black
Tall Fit
Tall Fit Condor Combat Trousers-Black
Plain Workwear Polo Shirt
Tern Soft Shell Jacket
ORN ClothingTern Soft Shell Jacket
Sale price£47.99
Tall Fit
Tall Fit Swift Tradesman Trousers
ORN ClothingTall Fit Swift Tradesman Trousers
Sale price£37.99
Eider Body WarmerEider Body Warmer
ORN ClothingEider Body Warmer
Sale price£29.99
Fulmar Bomber JacketFulmar Bomber Jacket
ORN ClothingFulmar Bomber Jacket
Sale price£36.99
Tall Fit
Tall Fit Merlin Tradesman Trousers-Graphite
Tall Fit
Tall Fit Condor Combat Trousers-Graphite
Sparrowhawk Combat ShortsSparrowhawk Combat Shorts
ORN ClothingSparrowhawk Combat Shorts
Sale price£24.99
Condor Combat TrousersCondor Combat Trousers
ORN ClothingCondor Combat Trousers
Sale price£24.99
Tall Fit
Tall Fit Hawk Combat TrousersTall Fit Hawk Combat Trousers
Premium Classic FleecePremium Classic Fleece
ORN ClothingPremium Classic Fleece
Sale price£24.99
Hawk Combat TrousersHawk Combat Trousers
ORN ClothingHawk Combat Trousers
Sale price£26.99
Plain Workwear Polo ShirtPlain Workwear Polo Shirt
ORN ClothingPlain Workwear Polo Shirt
Sale price£12.99
Plain SweatshirtPlain Sweatshirt
ORN ClothingPlain Sweatshirt
Sale price£14.99
Plain Workwear T-ShirtPlain Workwear T-Shirt
ORN ClothingPlain Workwear T-Shirt
Sale price£9.99