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At Big Fish Clothing, we stock a wide range of plus-size men’s t-shirts to suit all ages and tastes, from eye-catching printed t-shirt designs, to plain classic t-shirts and patterned big men’s tees. 

For a cool, casual look team a t-shirt with jeans, or smarten the look up by adding a blazer on top. Choose from our top brands including Ben Sherman, Cotton Valley, Kam Jeanswear, ORN Clothing, Regatta, Weird Fish and many more fashionable brands designed for the bigger man.

Our XL size t-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes for the plus size man, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit. Treat yourself to one of our best-selling XL t-shirts, such as the Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt.

To make sure you find the right fit, check out our XL t-shirt size chart.

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Customs Skull Print Tee
KAM JeanswearCustoms Skull Print Tee
Sale price£18.99
Born To Ride Print T-Shirt
Manhattan Print T-Shirt
EspionageManhattan Print T-Shirt
Sale price£19.99
Camouflage Skull Print T-Shirt
Gentlemen's Barber Shop Print T-Shirt
'Kenton' Retro Car Print T-Shirt'Kenton' Retro Car Print T-Shirt
D555'Kenton' Retro Car Print T-Shirt
Sale price£19.99
'Owen' World Tour Guitar print T-Shirt'Owen' World Tour Guitar print T-Shirt
JJELOGO Printed T-ShirtJJELOGO Printed T-Shirt
Jack & JonesJJELOGO Printed T-Shirt
Sale price£16.99
Colour Block Panel T-ShirtColour Block Panel T-Shirt
ForgeColour Block Panel T-Shirt
Sale price£23.99
Save £6.99
Single Pocket Loungewear T-ShirtSingle Pocket Loungewear T-Shirt
EspionageSingle Pocket Loungewear T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£16.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £9.99
Single Pocket Sleeveless T-ShirtSingle Pocket Sleeveless T-Shirt
North 56°4Single Pocket Sleeveless T-Shirt
Sale price£15.00 Regular price£24.99
Cool Dyed All Over Print T-ShirtCool Dyed All Over Print T-Shirt
Grab 'Em Now Save £10.99
Fifty / Six Printed T-shirtFifty / Six Printed T-shirt
North 56°4Fifty / Six Printed T-shirt
Sale price£14.00 Regular price£24.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £10.99
Nordic Air Wind & Sea Printed T-ShirtNordic Air Wind & Sea Printed T-Shirt
North 56°4Nordic Air Wind & Sea Printed T-Shirt
Sale price£14.00 Regular price£24.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £7.99
Music Store Print T-Shirt
EspionageMusic Store Print T-Shirt
Sale price£12.00 Regular price£19.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £3.99
Superior Print T-Shirt
EspionageSuperior Print T-Shirt
Sale price£16.00 Regular price£19.99
Jorcrayon Graphic Print T-ShirtJorcrayon Graphic Print T-Shirt
Jack & JonesJorcrayon Graphic Print T-Shirt
Sale price£19.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £9.99
New York Print T-Shirt
EspionageNew York Print T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£19.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £9.99
Hornsey Official VW Camper Print T-ShirtHornsey Official VW Camper Print T-Shirt
D555Hornsey Official VW Camper Print T-Shirt
Sale price£17.00 Regular price£26.99
Thunderstruck Official ACDC Print T-ShirtThunderstruck Official ACDC Print T-Shirt
D555Thunderstruck Official ACDC Print T-Shirt
Sale price£26.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £7.99
Barrow England Football Print T-ShirtBarrow England Football Print T-Shirt
D555Barrow England Football Print T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£17.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £7.99
JJLOCK Branded T-ShirtJJLOCK Branded T-Shirt
Jack & JonesJJLOCK Branded T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£17.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £9.99
JORJERRYS Long Sleeve T-ShirtJORJERRYS Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Jack & JonesJORJERRYS Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Sale price£12.00 Regular price£21.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £13.99
Crew Neck Fine Stripe T-Shirt
EspionageCrew Neck Fine Stripe T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£23.99