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When sun goes in, keep the evening going and reach for your trusty fleece. Versatile and stylish, fleece jackets add a layer of warmth to your outfit without the extra bulk of a coat.

Big Fish Clothing stock a diverse range of fleece jackets, designed especially for plus size men. Our fleeces come in multiple styles, from zip-ups to pullovers, from gilet fleeces to long-sleeve fleeces. Complete your unique style with a practical but sleek layer for the larger chap. 

Whether it's for the beer garden or beside the campfire, find your perfect fleece from well-known brands such as D555RegattaMetaphor and Espionage in sizes XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL, to match your sizing needs.

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Clanton Recycled Full Zip Panelled Borg FleeceClanton Recycled Full Zip Panelled Borg Fleece
Weird FishClanton Recycled Full Zip Panelled Borg Fleece
Sale price£30.00 Regular price£79.99
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Stowe 1/4 Zip Soft Knit Fleece Top
Weird FishStowe 1/4 Zip Soft Knit Fleece Top
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£49.99
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Dansley 1/4 Zip Marled FleeceDansley 1/4 Zip Marled Fleece
Weird FishDansley 1/4 Zip Marled Fleece
Sale price£19.00 Regular price£39.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £14.99
'Benjamin' Fleece Gilet'Benjamin' Fleece Gilet
D555'Benjamin' Fleece Gilet
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£24.99
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Garrian Full Zip Fleece JacketGarrian Full Zip Fleece Jacket
RegattaGarrian Full Zip Fleece Jacket
Sale price£30.00 Regular price£39.99
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Polar Fleece Zipper
MetaphorPolar Fleece Zipper
Sale price£29.00 Regular price£44.99
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Ashton Fleece JacketAshton Fleece Jacket
RegattaAshton Fleece Jacket
Sale price£15.00 Regular price£17.99
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Collumbus II Jacket
RegattaCollumbus II Jacket
Sale price£20.00 Regular price£36.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £15.99
Hedman II Full Zip Symmetry FleeceHedman II Full Zip Symmetry Fleece
RegattaHedman II Full Zip Symmetry Fleece
Sale price£14.00 Regular price£29.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £5.99
Fairview Zip Through Contrast FleeceFairview Zip Through Contrast Fleece
RegattaFairview Zip Through Contrast Fleece
Sale price£19.00 Regular price£24.99
Casual Fleece ZipperCasual Fleece Zipper
MetaphorCasual Fleece Zipper
Sale price£34.99
Sherpa Zip Through JacketSherpa Zip Through Jacket
EspionageSherpa Zip Through Jacket
Sale price£52.99
Premium Classic FleecePremium Classic Fleece
ORN ClothingPremium Classic Fleece
Sale price£24.99