Big Mens Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is essential for every man’s wardrobe. Big Fish Clothing stock a wide selection of big men’s jeans in a range of styles and cuts such as Bootcut, Straight and Loose Fit. 

With a wide choice of colours, brands and styles, we have something for everyone in sizes that guarantee a comfortable fit. Our jean ranges include well-known brands including Kam Jeanswear and Duke as well as many other quality designer brands. Team with a t-shirt and blazer for a perfect casual look or with a shirt for a smart-casual look that’s sure to impress.

Finding the right fit for large men’s jeans

It’s a struggle sometimes for big men to find a quality pair of jeans, as even if the waistband fits, the legs are too tight around the thighs, or the leg itself is far too short. However, our plus size men’s jeans are available for waist sizes from 38” through to 70”, with an inside leg length of up to 38” for taller gentlemen and are specifically designed with larger men in mind.

Elasticated waist jeans
Elasticated waist jeans are a popular option for large men, providing additional flexibility around the waistband to support everyday movements, and to provide comfort while sitting down. 

Additionally, for larger men who are looking to drop waist-sizes, elasticated waist jeans are ideal. Purchase a pair a size down from usual, and the elasticity will keep them fitting well during weight loss.

Stretch jeans
Stretch jeans are super popular across the fashion world, and there’s no reason larger men should miss out. In fact, beyond looking great, stretch jeans serve an additional purpose for big men. Moving around during the day, sitting down, or crouching, causes the material on jeans to stretch. If this happens over too tight a surface – rip!

A quality pair of stretch jeans expand with movement, preventing splits, rips or drops. Plus, we sell stretch jeans with elasticated waists for the ultimate combination. 

Low rise jeans
Low rise fits are a popular fashion choice for men’s jeans and being a bigger man doesn’t mean you have to be limited to certain styles. Sitting a little lower around the middle than a normal pair of jeans would, low rise jeans are stylish and have the potential to be a little more comfortable underneath the gut than a higher waisted pair of jeans would. 

Different jean cuts explained

Regular fit
Regular fit jeans are the typical cut that most of us wear. Regular fits provide a little internal wiggle room around the backside and crotch with a good fit around the thighs and calves. 

Loose fit / Relaxed fit
Loose, or relaxed, fit jeans have a little extra material around the back to provide extra space and a comfortable fit. They also have a slightly higher rise than regular jeans and wider leg openings. 

Bootcut jeans follow the typical tapered cut from the waist down to the knee, and will then slightly flare out towards the hem, covering the top of your boots. 

Straight leg jeans also follow a taper to the knee, but unlike other jean cuts, then flow straight downwards with the circumference of the hem similar to that around the knee.

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Oban Black Stretch JeansOban Black Stretch Jeans
ForgeOban Black Stretch Jeans
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Oban Indigo Stretch JeansOban Indigo Stretch Jeans
ForgeOban Indigo Stretch Jeans
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Claude Slim Fit Stretch JeansClaude Slim Fit Stretch Jeans
D555Claude Slim Fit Stretch Jeans
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Extra Short Straight Fit Basic JeansExtra Short Straight Fit Basic Jeans
ForgeExtra Short Straight Fit Basic Jeans
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Straight Fit Basic JeansStraight Fit Basic Jeans
ForgeStraight Fit Basic Jeans
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Twister Slim Fit JeansTwister Slim Fit Jeans
BlendTwister Slim Fit Jeans
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Twister Slim/Regular Fit JeansTwister Slim/Regular Fit Jeans
BlendTwister Slim/Regular Fit Jeans
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Dark Rinse Stretch Denim JeansDark Rinse Stretch Denim Jeans
Raphael ValencinoDark Rinse Stretch Denim Jeans
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'Ocean' Straight Fit Stretch Jeans
Mish Mash'Ocean' Straight Fit Stretch Jeans
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Bedford CordsBedford Cords
Raphael ValencinoBedford Cords
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JJITIM Slim Fit Stretch Jeans-BlackJJITIM Slim Fit Stretch Jeans-Black
JJITIM Slim Fit Stretch JeansJJITIM Slim Fit Stretch Jeans
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Twister Regular - Slim Fit JeansTwister Regular - Slim Fit Jeans
BlendTwister Regular - Slim Fit Jeans
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Twister Slim Fit JeansTwister Slim Fit Jeans
BlendTwister Slim Fit Jeans
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'Soto' Stretch Denim Jeans
Mish Mash'Soto' Stretch Denim Jeans
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Garcia Belted Stretch JeansGarcia Belted Stretch Jeans
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Sergio Low Waist Stretch JeansSergio Low Waist Stretch Jeans
KAM JeanswearSergio Low Waist Stretch Jeans
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'Mario' Enzyme Washed Bedford Cords'Mario' Enzyme Washed Bedford Cords
D555'Mario' Enzyme Washed Bedford Cords
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'Aron' Stretch Jeans'Aron' Stretch Jeans
KAM Jeanswear'Aron' Stretch Jeans
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Regular Fit Belted JeansRegular Fit Belted Jeans
ForgeRegular Fit Belted Jeans
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Balfour Stretch Jeans-BlackBalfour Stretch Jeans-Black
D555Balfour Stretch Jeans-Black
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Bailey Stretch Jeans-BlueBailey Stretch Jeans-Blue
D555Bailey Stretch Jeans-Blue
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Stretch JeansStretch Jeans
KAM JeanswearStretch Jeans
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