BLEND presents a powerful selection of contemporary European styles with jeans that are built for real living. True craftsmanship are behind this Danish jeans brand since 1993 they also offer a wide selection of fashion t-shirts and hoodies.

Blend understands that fashion is for everyone, including big and tall men. Their collection caters to sizes up to 5XL, providing a diverse range of stylish and contemporary clothing. From casual jeans to trendy jackets, Blend offers well-crafted garments that flatter larger frames. Combining quality fabrics with on-trend designs, they create fashion-forward clothing that prioritizes comfort and style. With a focus on inclusivity and customer satisfaction, Blend is a brand that resonates with big and tall individuals seeking trendy and comfortable wardrobe choices.

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Distressed Print T-ShirtDistressed Print T-Shirt
BlendDistressed Print T-Shirt
Sale price£17.99
Borg Lined Full Zip HoodyBorg Lined Full Zip Hoody
BlendBorg Lined Full Zip Hoody
Sale price£49.99
Vintage Denim Hooded SweatshirtVintage Denim Hooded Sweatshirt
BlendVintage Denim Hooded Sweatshirt
Sale price£32.99
Brushed Cotton Long Sleeve Check ShirtBrushed Cotton Long Sleeve Check Shirt
Brushed Check OvershirtBrushed Check Overshirt
BlendBrushed Check Overshirt
Sale price£47.99
Lightweight Hooded Puffer JacketLightweight Hooded Puffer Jacket
Casual Quilted JacketCasual Quilted Jacket
BlendCasual Quilted Jacket
Sale price£47.99
Casual Quilted GiletCasual Quilted Gilet
BlendCasual Quilted Gilet
Sale price£44.99
Contrast Pocket T-ShirtContrast Pocket T-Shirt
BlendContrast Pocket T-Shirt
Sale price£18.99
Reverse Text Print T-ShirtReverse Text Print T-Shirt
BlendReverse Text Print T-Shirt
Sale price£19.99
Vintage Blend Printed T-Shirt
BlendVintage Blend Printed T-Shirt
Sale price£17.99
Lightweight Puffer JacketLightweight Puffer Jacket
BlendLightweight Puffer Jacket
Sale price£44.99
'Vintage' Printed T-shirt'Vintage' Printed T-shirt
Blend'Vintage' Printed T-shirt
Sale price£17.99
Claim Your Denim Rights T-ShirtClaim Your Denim Rights T-Shirt
BlendClaim Your Denim Rights T-Shirt
Sale price£17.99
Twister Slim Fit JeansTwister Slim Fit Jeans
BlendTwister Slim Fit Jeans
Sale price£39.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £5.99
Single Pocket T-ShirtSingle Pocket T-Shirt
BlendSingle Pocket T-Shirt
Sale price£9.00 Regular price£14.99
Soft Feel Long Sleeve Checked ShirtSoft Feel Long Sleeve Checked Shirt
BlendSoft Feel Long Sleeve Checked Shirt
Sale price£29.99
Lightweight Panelled Full Zip FleeceLightweight Panelled Full Zip Fleece
BlendLightweight Panelled Full Zip Fleece
Sale price£39.99
Padded Checked OvershirtPadded Checked Overshirt
BlendPadded Checked Overshirt
Sale price£52.99
Twister Slim/Regular Fit JeansTwister Slim/Regular Fit Jeans
BlendTwister Slim/Regular Fit Jeans
Sale price£39.99
Lightly Padded GiletLightly Padded Gilet
BlendLightly Padded Gilet
Sale price£37.99
Grab 'Em Now Sold out
Denim Graphic Print T-ShirtDenim Graphic Print T-Shirt
BlendDenim Graphic Print T-Shirt
Sale price£10.00 Regular price£17.99
Grab 'Em Now Save £5.99
Blend Original Print T-ShirtBlend Original Print T-Shirt
BlendBlend Original Print T-Shirt
Sale price£9.00 Regular price£14.99
'What Are You Rich In' printed T-Shirt'What Are You Rich In' printed T-Shirt
Blend'What Are You Rich In' printed T-Shirt
Sale price£14.99