Chest Size Guide (inches and cm)

Size CM Inches European Collar
2XL 119 -125 cm 46" - 48" Europe 6 18.5"
3XL 127 -132 cm 50" - 52" Europe 7 19.5"
4XL 135 - 142 cm 54" - 56" Europe 8 20.5"
5XL 145 - 152 cm 58" - 60" Europe 9 21.5"
6XL 155 - 163 cm 62" - 64" Europe 10 22.5"
7XL 164 - 174 cm 66" - 68" Europe 11 23.5"
8XL 175 - 183 cm 70" - 72" Europe 12 24.5"


Waist Size Guide (inches and cm)

Size CM Inches European
2XL 112cm-117cm 44"-46" 54
3XL 122cm-127cm 48"-50" 58
4XL 132cm-137cm 52"-54" 62
5XL 143cm-148cm 56"-58" 66
6XL 153cm-157cm 60"-62" 70
7XL 160cm-165cm 64"-66" 74


Leg Length Guide (inches)

Leg Length Height
Short (S) - 29"/30" 5'3" - 5'7"
Regular (R) - 31"/32" 5'8" - 6'2"
Long (L) - 33"/34" 6'3" - 6'6"
X-LONG (XL) - 36"/38" 6'5" +


Extra Tall Waist Size Guide (inches and cm)

Size CM Inches
















Extra Tall Chest Size Guide (inches and cm)

CM Inches
















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Getting the right fit is the most important part of looking good and feeling comfortable. We've put together some useful size guides for big and tall men so you can find the perfect fit. 

How do I measure my chest size? 

Big Fish Clothing's shirts for big men and shirts for tall men are designed for comfort as well as style, but it's essential you buy the right size. You'll need a tailor's tape measure, preferably not the retractable kind. Wrap it under your armpits around the biggest/broadest part of your chest while you're standing upright and relaxed. You want a tight-ish, straight loop so that the tape isn't sliding about, angled or hanging loose. You can round up to the nearest half-inch / 1cm. 

Ok, so how do I find my collar size? 

You'll want to know your collar size too, particularly for formal shirts because you'll likely want to button up the collar to wear a tie. Gently wrap the tape measure around your lower neck (just beneath your Adam's apple). The rule of thumb is to fit two-fingers-width between the tape measure and your neck, which provides a bit of breathing space. You can round up half an inch / 1cm here because a slightly loose collar is better than a slightly tight one. Remember that the addition of a tie can make you feel a bit restricted if you're not used to wearing one. 

How do I measure my waist size? 

You've probably got a rough idea of your waist size, but it's always worth measuring up to make sure you're going to feel comfortable when you're looking sharp in our big jeans and plus size men's trousers

To measure your waist, wrap the tape measure around your waist at your belly button. You'll want to fit a finger's width between you and the tape for a comfortable fit. Our big men's jeans are specially designed for comfort, but getting your measurements right is the key to online clothes shopping. We of course offer free returns and exchanges, but who wants to hang around in a Post Office? 

From a style perspective, avoid buying clothes that are a size up to disguise areas you want to hide, it's a myth that this makes you look slimmer, properly fitting clothes are always more flattering. Trust us, we've been selling big and tall clothes since 2004!


What about a belt?

A belt should only be used to (figuratively) tie the outfit together and provide a more refined look should you wish to tuck in a shirt or a tee (for the famous french tuck). A lot of guys buy belts to hold up ill-fitting jeans and trousers, which we would advise against. If your trousers fit well, your belt should only ever be an aesthetic choice, not a practical necessity.  

Style-wise a good rule of thumb is to buy a belt that matches the colour of a pair of shoes you wear often, or treat yourself to one brown and one black. 


I know my height, but how do I measure my leg length?

We've included a column with a range of heights, but while you've got the measuring tape out you may as well grab this measurement too. You're actually measuring the inside leg (also known as your inseam), not the full length of your limb. Using the measuring tape, note the distance from your groin/upper thigh to your ankle bone.

Recent trends have seen guys wearing trousers too short and cropped, and in the early 2000s it was all about bunchy, baggy bottom hems. We always suggest you go with a timeless look and pick the length closest to your actual inseam measurement. You can always fold the cuff up if you want a shorter, more styled look for jeans and chinos.

The tips for measuring, fit and style we've already covered apply to tall guys too, but here are some size guides for our extra tall jeans and tall men's trousers to help you pick the perfect fit. 

So there you have it! Some useful size guides and tips on how to measure your chest, collar and leg before a much needed wardrobe refresh. Now you've got the sizes nailed, you might want some inspiration for easily achieved fresh looks, check out our popular blog post 5 Timeless and Simple Outfits for Plus Sized Men