Sizing and Fit Guide: Jeans for Plus Size Guys

Sizing and Fit Guide: Jeans for Plus Size Guys

It always comes back to fit – this is a crucial part of making your style comfortable if you’re a big, tall or plus-size man.

Jeans are a staple in your wardrobe, they can be casual, smart casual or even formal. Making sure you find a pair that fit comfortably, will impact a lot of your style.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to finding jeans that suit and enhance your style and outfits… 

1. Choose Your Style Wisely

The starting point of ensuring that your jeans are the perfect fit for you, is carefully selecting the style of your jeans. Typically, jeans can be categorised into five different styles/fits. 

Now, there is one answer, all of our bodies are different and require a different style, but it is important to choose the one that suits you best and will make you feel most comfortable. 


These jeans have been trending for quite a while now, they are a tapered and tighter fitting type of jean, usually sitting quite low on your waist.

It can be quite difficult for plus size men to find the most appropriate – if they’re too tight, you should avoid wearing them. Not only will they look disproportionate, you’re likely to not feel confident, and that shows. 


In between skinny and straight leg, the slim jean tend to be a mid-rise, slimmer than the standard pair of jeans. The key is that they are not too tight or loose, with a narrower leg opening, so they don’t flare out at the bottom.

For plus size men, this can be a great and flattering option. 

Straight Leg

One of the classic jean styles, the straight leg jean does what it says on the tin – it falls straight from the waist, to the knee, to the hem. They comfortably sit as a mid-rise jean, generally a looser fit with a wider leg opening. 

Straight leg is a perfect all-rounder jean for plus-size men. 


Venturing further into looser fitting territory, relaxed fit jeans are wider fit from the waist down – it promises to not cling to any part of your body.

As long as these jeans are bought in your correct size, they will make you look great – but if you buy them oversized or too baggy, you’ll run the risk of making yourself look bigger than you actually are.


The roomiest jeans of all, relaxed fit jeans give plenty of room across the waist, thigh and calves for men. Usually a staple in plus size wardrobes, these jeans are comfortable but ensuring they are dressed up correctly. 

2. Know Your Size

Once you’ve picked out the style, the next thing that you need to know is what size to buy them in. One of the most common issues for big and tall men, once they’ve found the jeans they want to buy, is being able to find one 

For someone who is considerably taller than the average man, it may be more complicated to buy a pair of jeans that actually fits his leg length. 

Jeans are measured by the size of waist and inseam length (measurement from crotch to the floor), so make sure that you have this measured accurately as this has a massive impact on the size and fitting of your jeans.

3. Tailors Are Your Best Friend 

As you will now know your size, you will know if something doesn’t fit. Going to a tailor doesn’t have to be an experience reserved for wealthy people, you will be able to find services to resize your clothes for a small price.

As a big and tall man, mainstream fashion brands will seldom make great clothes to fit you, a tailor can help with this struggle. With jeans especially, ensuring that the jeans fit your legs and waist properly, will help with the rest of your outfit.

For bigger men, more thought needs to be put into the length of trousers – especially if you’re shorter, as a well-tailored jean can make it seem as though you have longer legs, which is great for proportion.

4. Consider Jean Colour

Not strictly a fitting and sizing tip, but certainly one that matters when it comes to finding the right pair of jeans as a plus size man, but the colouring of your jeans can affect how they look, in terms of fit.

Larger men can often struggle to find denim jeans, the lighter colour can often be a problem paired with the size or shape of jeans. 

Black, straight leg jeans are often a slimming style of jeans - if that is an effect that you want to achieve. Paired with lighter block colours, such as a light grey jumper, jeans will add to the slimming effect.

5. Flexible Waistband

It is assumed that bigger men should hide their bodies through the use of excess material – the opposite is true, but the jeans you wear should be comfortable.  

One great trick to wearing true fitting trousers and being relaxed, is considering the use of jeans with a flexible waist band. 

This way, you will be able to have them fit around your thighs and the length of your legs perfectly, while also giving the freedom to go about your normal day – and even eat a big meal with comfort! 

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