The Most Inspirational and Stylish Plus Size Men

The Most Inspirational and Stylish Plus Size Men

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Plus-size men are starting to get a lot more of the spotlight. Mainstream fashion, magazines, model agencies and the world are all starting to realise that men need clothes to fit their needs. 

When it comes to body positivity and self-love, we mostly tend to think of women and the ‘curvy’ revolution. However, there does not seem to be a popular movement for men. Be assured, there are plenty of amazing plus-size men flying the flag for their community.

Of course, there is still a long way to go – but these seven incredible plus-size men really do make up proud. From style-inspiration to general motivation, you’ll love these body-positive heroes.

1. Zach Miko – The First Plus Size Male Model

Officially the first plus-size model, when Zach Miko signed for IMG Model’s ‘Brawn’ division, he sparked a movement. 

Miko was a bartender, who was discovered by the major modelling agency through his Instagram account. Years on, the Connecticut native is an outspoken advocate for plus-size men - still finding that it’s nearly impossible to find clothes that fit him in mainstream shops. 

He’s a positive force, incredibly stylish and an empowering person to follow on Instagram!

2. Michael Anthony Spearman - The Big Fashion Guy

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Michael-Anthony Spearman has been making waves in the fashion industry for several years now.

Setting up his lifestyle blog ‘The Big Fashion Guy’, Spearman has become an authoritative voice on all things big and tall in men’s lifestyle and fashion. However, he is not limited to commentary as he is a designer and stylist too.

For three-piece suits and smooth, smart-casual inspiration – ‘The Big Fashion Guy’ is your man. 

3. Riccardo Onorato – Plus-Size Fashion Blogger 

Known to his followers as ‘Guy Overboard’, Riccardo Onorato oozes charm and positivity through his outfits and website.

Based in his native country, Italy, the purpose of Onorato’s blog is to spread body positivity and self-love to plus-size men. He describes ‘Guy Overboard’ as a “plus size blog for men who embrace who they are”

Riccardo is a trailblazer in this area, having noticed that there was not a body-positive counterpart for men’s fashion. On his website and Instagram, you’ll find useful tips – from beard grooming to what to pack for a beach holiday.

4. Brett Morse – Olympian and Plus Size Model

From Penarth, Wales, Brett Morse is an incredible member of the plus-size community.

While being the face of River Island’s Big & Tall, Brett is also an Olympian. In between shoots for fashion brands, Morse is training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, where he hopes to compete for GB in discus throw.

On his Instagram, you’ll find his workout routines as well as some stylish outfit combinations.

5. Kelvin Davis – Notriously Dapper and Author 

Author, blogger and thoroughly body-positive, Kelvin Davis is a shining light in the plus-size industry. 

Having set up his blog ‘Notoriously Dapper’ to counteract how bad shopping left him feeling, Davis shares his personal style daily as inspiration to other big men.

Since setting up his inspirational blog, he has gone on to be featured in some of the biggest publications, including The New York Times, Glamour Magazines, Dazed and Huffington Post.

Kelvin has also transformed Notoriously Dapper into a very inspirational book – how to be a modern Gentleman with manners, style and body confidence.

6. Steven Martin – German Plus Size Model

German model, Steven Martin, is at the forefront of the male plus-size fashion revolution.

Signed to Bridge Models London, which is dedicated completely to curvy and brawn models, Steven has shot to popularity since he was taken on board a few years ago.

Martin opts for a suave casual look, often with daring shirts and well fitted jeans. This big and tall influencer is a great person to refer to for style advice. He says in one of his posts “one day plus boys will rule the world!” 

7. Ben Whit – UK First Plus Size Model & TV Show Host

Ben Whit has had a quick rise to plus-size fame when he became the UK’s first plus-size model. 

Formerly a personal trainer and gardener, Ben represents a large portion of men who love health & fitness but does not have a small waist and washboard abs. He is keen to promote that plus-size encompasses a whole variety of body types. 

In addition to modelling, Whit became the host of body-positivity TV show ‘Naked Beach.’ We couldn’t recommend following this bearded, built and body-positive legend more! 

That’s seven incredibly inspirational men that prove plus-size is not one category like many think - we all come in different shapes, sizes and all with our own capabilities. 

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