Classic Looks for Big Guys - 5 Timeless and Simple Outfits for Plus Sized Men

Classic Looks for Big Guys - 5 Timeless and Simple Outfits for Plus Sized Men

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When revamping your wardrobe, it's tricky to know where to start. It can be a bit daunting to pick out new pieces that both complement your existing threads, and crank that freshness dial on your look. 

To quote Tan France (Queer Eye, Next in Fashion) "Style is timeless, while fashion is timely. Personal style is about developing a sense of self, rather than simply absorbing trends". 

So while trendy clothing for bigger men and taller gents is often an afterthought on the high street, you can still look and feel great in timeless outfits that are practical as well as stylish. 

We've put together some simple, classic looks to supercharge your rotation this summer.   

1. Clean and fresh 

Your everyday look might be the most important - it's the clearest indication of who you are and what your style is all about.

Whatever the occasion, fit and comfort are everything. If your outfit fits well, your body confidence gets a boost and your overall look comes alive.

A classic sweater matched with a pair of well fitted blue, black or stonewashed jeans is a solid, casual look for any occasion.

For larger guys, don't be tempted to buy clothes a few sizes above your own – you don't need to disguise your shape. This tends to look scruffy and disordered.

Instead, go for the best tailored fit possible – you want your tops to frame your torso, and compliment your shape.


Finish off your look with a pair of smart canvas shoes or trainers. For smarter occasions, classic brown brogues, moccasins or dress shoes. Done-and-done. 

2. Man about town

Your outerwear choices should be a perfect blend of comfort, style, practicality and warmth.

When it comes to British weather, you don't have to wait until winter or spring to layer up and explore a great selection of outerwear options. A hoodie or sweater can extend your evening by hours if the temperature drops. 

One quite timeless trend worth a mention is the traditional but permanently fresh wool-blend overcoat.

This striking outdoor choice is more adaptable than you think, with a variety of colours, pocket and button combinations, and a suitable choice of lengths. It can be worn for occasions both formal and casual alike.

Most importantly, the woollen blend overcoat gets our pick because it looks great on all body types and sizes.


3. Sharp & snappy

When it's time to smarten up, make sure your style radiates freshness, self-confidence and coordination.

Bigger guys can sometimes feel restricted options-wise when it comes to formal events. After all, what more is there besides a shirt and tie? Yawn.

But big gentlemen should embrace the less-is-more approach to smarter wear. Ditch the interview-at-the-bank look, and show off a more structured outfit.  

A real favourite of ours is a combo of a blazer or 'sports jacket', smart trousers and a dress shirt.

Try a tailored grey formal blazer with slim black trousers and a maroon or brown shirt. Top it off with your favourite watch and smart shoes.



4. Effortlessly adventurous 

Let your energetic side shine through with a flexible, practical and effortlessly stylish sporty outfit.

Retro sportswear has seen a massive resurgence over the last couple of years, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. 

When dressing casual, consider a well-fitted hoodie, bomber jacket or zipper. Just like with sweaters, don't be tempted to buy oversized. Combine this with some well-fitted joggers, jeans or, if you want to smarten up a little, tan or burgundy chinos.

Chinos are our favourite comfort hack because they're less restricting than jeans or trousers, but look the part in both casual and smart settings. It feels like you're wearing loose and comfy sweatpants, but you're ready for a swanky wine bar if the mood takes you. 

Finish the look off with white trainers, retro styles work well here too.

5. The life of the party

When it's time to ditch work and hit the town, make sure you stand out at the bar.

A night out with friends isn't a fashion competition, but you might as well win anyway. Make your look one that oozes confidence and style, but also personality and originality.

Muted tones work well when you're layering, but if you feel ready to graduate from the plain black t-shirt and express your personality, you'll want a few prints in your arsenal. 

Start things off with some jeans, cords or slim fit chinos.

We recommend skipping the skinny jeans; they can make your legs look disproportionately small and have dropped off fashion-wise lately anyway.

Conversely, if your jeans are too baggy your legs will look needlessly bulky. Slim or straight fit jeans are your best bet and complement most body types well. If you're partial to a desert boot, boot-cut jeans are another option and will do you more favours than a saggy, bunchy fit around the ankle. 

As for your top half, there are really no rules. Plain or patterned t-shirts, long and short-sleeved shirts, or even smart sweatshirts can be excellent choices for a night out. It's a bit of a myth that horizontal stripes make you look bigger; if you like a stripe, own it. If you're feeling bold, more striking shirts such as Hawaiian floral, paisley patterns and other vibrant designs are also very popular.

So, there you have it, gents. We hope this blog helps you build some seriously sharp outfits, whatever your shape or size.